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This is the most modern China, fast, on the move every minute and setting the pace for the rest of aspiring China. With swanky, modern structures, shopping paradises and a bustling night life in Pudong, Shanghai is a city full of opportunities and challenges.  As the economic and financial center of China, Shanghai attracts tens of thousands of investors both from home and abroad. The rapid development of Pudong New Area, the Zhangjiang high-tech park, the Waigaoqiao tax-free zone, the 88-story Jinmao Building, among others, show the economic fast lane that Shanghai is in. There is an old Chinese proverb saying: “You may be able to pick up gold on the streets of Shanghai. Outside the regular Minds Abroad program, students can go for leisurely strolls to the Shanghai Museum, have a pot of tea in a quaint teahouse in Yu Gardens, appreciate the colonial architecture of the Bund, take a night cruise on the Huang-Pu river, or just spend an evening in the taverns on the famous tavern road.

Friday, Shanghai

Morning: In flight.

Afternoon: Arrive in Shanghai. After getting settled in their hotel, students will go on a tour of Liujiazui, Shanghai's financial district. The tour will be led by a certified guide. They will also visit the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the financial center of Shanghai and one of the largest financial hubs in Asia. While at the stock exchange, students will learn about China's banking and investment industries.

Evening: Go to Pudong district for a sumptuous dinner at one of the restaurants that serves excellent Shanghainese food. Pudong is the modern half of Shanghai and is known for its towering skyscrapers. Afterwards, ascend one of these skyscrapers, the Jinmao Tower, for one of the best night-time views of Shanghai. 

Saturday, Suzhou

Morning: Have breakfast and then, take a trip to Suzhou, a bustling city of skyscrapers and factories. One of the major attractions of Suzhou is its constellation of gardens, some of which are even thousands of years old. These traditional, gorgeous gardens are a harmonious medley of rocks, buildings and water, reflecting a perfect sense of harmony and balance amongst all incongruities of life. Explore some of the gardens including the Humble Administrator's Garden and Liuyuan Garden. Lush with pine and bamboo groves, the Liuyuan Garden or the Lingering Garden is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Afternoon: Have lunch and then, take a trip to Suzhou Museum that features ancient Chinese art, calligraphies, paintings, artefacts and hand-made, arty items. Afterwards, visit Zhouzhuang, China’s oldest water town. Zhouzhuang, also known as the Venice of China, is divided and surrounded by lakes and rivers with beautiful stone bridges built over them.

Evening: Continue exploring Zhouzhuang, including Fu’an Bridge, Double Bridge, Shen's Hall of Residence as well as temples such as Quanfu (Buddhist) and Chengxu. Afterwards, have dinner at one of the local restaurants and then, return to Shanghai.

Sunday, Shanghai

Morning: Have a traditional Shanghainese dim sum breakfast. Afterwards, visit the Shanghai Museum, home to perhaps China's greatest collection of ancient artifacts. In fact, the museum itself is shaped like an ancient bronze wine vessel. Outside of the museum is People's Square, a fantastic place to view the hustle and bustle of life in Shanghai.

Afternoon: After lunch, students will be led on a walking tour of the Bund, the historical area of Shanghai that once served as Shanghai's financial center in the 20's and 30's. While much of the city's commerce has moved away from the Bund, what still remains are beautiful colonial era buildings along the Huangpu River that are a must see for any visitor to Shanghai.

Evening: Have a feast of traditional Shanghainese cuisine. Shanghai is known for its culinary specialties like soup dumplings, a delicacy renowned throughout China. Afterwards, leave for Kunming.


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