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“………one part Hollywood; six parts traffic; a bunch of rich power-moguls; stir in half a dozen colonial relics (use big ones); pour in six heaped cups of poverty; add a smattering of swish bars and restaurants (don’t skimp on quality here for best results); equal parts of mayhem and order; as many ancient bazaars as you have lying around; a handful of Hinduism; a dash of Islam; fold in your mixture with equal parts India; throw it all in a blender on high (adding generous helpings of pollution to taste) and presto: Mumbai– Lonely Planet

Mumbai buzzes with excitement during the day and never sleeps during the night. Formerly known as Bombay, Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment capital of India generating a whopping 5% of the country’s GDP. Considered as the economic hub of India, the city exudes a youthful energy and exuberance, but its manic traffic congestions can take a first-time visitor by surprise. Do not let your  first impressions overpower your interest in exploring the city out. It is worth starting your trip with the royal Gateway of India because of its elegance and panoramic location against a backdrop of the sprawling, blue Arabian Sea. As your initial culture shock wears away we will take you to the finest spots of the city where you will catch a glimpse of its architectural masterpieces, its premier business district at Nariman Point, the serene Marine Drive tucked away beside the sea, warrens of colorful bazaars and the famous Chowpatty with its endless tangy and spicy treats. Mumbai is the hub of another pulsating phenomenon called Bollywood and this is what sets it apart from the other metropolises. With our exclusive Minds Abroad trip students can discover the most exquisite treasures of Mumbai. A visit to the Elephanta Caves on the Elephanta Island affords the students a good opportunity to gain a better understanding of the rich cultural heritage and history of Mumbai.

No trip to any of the major cities in the different parts of India is complete without a taste of its food. We will take you around to a tour of delicious ethnic cuisines.



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