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The hot springs lure tourists to Mile County, only 143 Kilometers (89miles) away from Kunming. The county's another claim to fame are its Buddha statues as high as 19.99 meters. Mile is considered as the tourism hub of southeastern Yunnan and since it is well connected by rail and road, it is easy commute to other places of cultural interest such as Stone Forest, Jianshui and Luxi in and around the county from there.

Mile is home to many ethnic groups,boasting of a long history and rich cultural heritage and they constitute almost 42% of the county’s population. Amongst 23 nationalities, including Han, Yi, Miao, Hui and Zhuang, who live in Mile, the Yis are the largest ethnic group, making up for 30% of the total population. Weaving into the grand tapestry of Yi culture are the Axi, Azhe, Sanni, Black Yi and White Yi subgroups.

The county’s diversity is also reflected in its topography, in its hills, basins and astonishing karst landscapes. It is the natural beauty of Mile which makes it worth a tour and your time.

The Keyi Yi culture ecological village

The famous folk dance, “Axi Tiaoyue”,among Yunnan's many other ethnic dances, saw its origin in this village. The village is located in the Xisan Township, about 21 KM (13 miles) north of Mile County proper, and more than 200 households of Axi, another subgroup of the Yis, are concentrated in this region. The village has evolved into a popular tourist destination because of its exotic location and easy accessibility. Many cultural elements of the Axis have been recently revitalized and new life has been breathed into some of its traditions such as the Fire Sacrificing and Dragon Sacrificing ceremonies. This has succeeded in pulling in hordes of tourists from around the world, who are always in awe of the beautiful cultural experiences that this village affords them.

The Western Ecological Vineyard

Perched on the helm of the Kunming–Hekou highway and about 14 KM (8.7 miles) from the center of Mile County, is the Western Grape Ecological Garden. Sprawled across an area of over 10 thousand acres, the garden boasts of a beautiful vineyard, which supposedly is the largest of its kind in southern China. Steeped in history, the Western Grape Ecological Garden gives tourists an insight into the process of extraction of wine from the grapes, cultivated in the vineyard. This procedure goes back to a time, when French missionaries unravelled the secrets of making quality wine to the people of Mile.

Silver Screen Mountain

About 10 KM (6.2 miles) from the county is the Yinpin Shan or Silver Screen Mountain, a holy Buddhist pilgrimage site, lush with green trees. Quite recently, a towering statue of Maitreya, about 19.99 metres (65.5 feet) high, has been erected on the mountain. Maitreya is supposedly the successor of Sakyamuni Buddha in Mahayana Buddhism. Siddhārtha Gautama, the historical founder of Buddhism and a great spiritual teacher from the Indian subcontinent is often referred to as Sakyamuni. Maitreya is originally a Sanskrit word and it was translated to “Mile” in Mandarin Chinese. So, the county has evidently derived its name from Maitreya and since the foundation stone of the statue was laid, gaggles of tourists have started flocking into the county, paying their obeisance and homage to Maitreya.

White Dragon Cave Scenic Spot

A foremost tourist site, the White Dragon Scenic Spot sprawls across an area of more than 2 million sq. Metres (21.5 million sq.ft) and features the famous Bailong (White Dragon) Cave and the Plum Hot Spring. It harbors the tomb of Sun Ranweng, a renowned scholar in Yunnan and was supposedly the residence of Xiong Qinglai,Yunnan’s acclaimed mathematician.

The Hot Springs in Mile

Mile is rich with geothermal resources. The county is abundantly strewn with hot springs of various shapes and size. The springs that should be there on the itinerary of every tourist visiting Mile are the Xiao Qin Tian Hot Spring in its northeast, Meihua (or Plum) Hot Spring in its west and the Xiao Zhai (or Small Village) Hot Spring. All the springs are associated with hundreds of years of history and are popular sites for relaxation, recreation and medical treatment. The Huquan (or lake spring) Ecological Park is a special leisure and amusement park, complete with artificial beaches, swimming pools, tea houses and hot spring spas. A five star hotel is located at the center of the park, making it one of the top-notch recreational centres of the county.





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