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“Simultaneously noble and squalid, cultured and desperate, Kolkata is a daily festival of human existence. And it’s all played out before your very eyes on teeming streets where not an inch of space is wasted. By its old spelling, Calcutta, India’s second-biggest city conjures up images of human suffering to most Westerners. But Bengalis have long been infuriated by one-sided depictions of their vibrant capital.”- Lonely Planet

Famed as the cultural and intellectual capital of India, Kolkata is an “in your face” city that will never cease to fascinate an unsuspecting, first-time visitor with its historical gems, celebrated cuisines, lively festivities and a vivacious performing arts scene. What sets Bengalis apart are their innocuous “adda”s or intellectual exchanges that are always pegged around politics, food and sports. In India, we have our base in Kolkata. Here, students will not only study about Indian society and culture in the classrooms, but will also be immersed in hands-on activities like service learning placements and indigenous extracurricular activities. Kolkata, known as a laid-back city in India and beyond, is slowly morphing.

Take a tour of its famous dining-district, Park Street, dotted with a seemingly endless choice of restaurants and nightclubs and you will soon realize this. You will come across quite a few bars and clubs that host live jazz and blues and will never stop dancing to their soulful tunes till the wee hours of the morning. You will also have the opportunity to visit the great Indian Museum, where you can marvel at the rich collections from a bygone era. Take one of our off-beat boat rides on the shimmering Ganges in the evening and enjoy the sunset, as the fiery ball of the sun swoops down the horizon. On such a trip, you will get a rare chance to explore the European colonies: Barrackpore, Hoogly, Chinsurah and Chandannagore- that once throve in glory around the Ganges.  Sneak into the rather quaint and anachronism for a café, Coffee House on College Street and shake off the day’s tiredness by sipping a cup of coffee. Coffee House, with its ragged, wooden chairs and weatherbeaten walls, lives off its rusty memories of a splendid past. But still it bustles with swarms of students, who dream of making it big in the country, someday. Strike a conversation with a few of these students and raise a storm in your coffee-cup over any global issue. Or after you are done drinking your coffee and recharging your dynamos, you can comb through the rickety bookstores, lining almost the entire length of College Street and flaunting every book imaginable and buy one or two books for a bargain price.



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