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Green Lake


If you are to look at a map of Kunming City, the green spot in the center is the Green Lake. With green lake water and vegetation, the park is also sprinkled with pavilions and buildings for recreational purposes. During the last century, in the time of the Republic of China, it was reconstructed as a park. Now a public park, it is a good place for sightseeing in the downtown area. After learning Mandarin with us, in the evening, you can go for leisurely strolls in the park and indulge in people-watching. Alternatively, before your class commences, you can go for a jog in the park and watch people dancing to the tunes of traditional music and taking Tai-Chi lessons from their Tai-Chi masters.

One feature of the Green Lake is that since 1985, seagulls from Siberia migrate to Kunming to avoid the frigid cold there from mid November to February. During this period of time, thousands of seagulls flock to the Green Lake during the daytime, while some others stay around the Dianchi Lake area. It is fascinating to watch them twittering as they hover over the lake. If you come to Kunming with the intention to learn Chinese and are an ardent birdwatcher, do visit the Green Lake Park because both the green lake and white seagulls present a pretty spectacular scene.

To the west of the Lake is an eye-catching yellow building, the Kunming Army Academy. Founded in 1909 by the Manchurian government at the end of their regime (the Qing Dynasty was taken over by the Republic of China in 1911), the academy was listed as one of the three army academies in the early 20th century. There were hundreds of army generals and marshals that came from this academy who made great contributions to Chinese culture.

The Green Lake is within walking distance of many universities and can be accessed easily.


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