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Golden Horse and Jade Rooster  


The Archway of The Golden Horse and The Green Rooster has long been regarded as the symbol of Kunming city. Built in China's Ming Dynasty, it has history of more than 400 years. Right on the central axis of old Kunming city, it is located in the center of downtown Kunming. 

The Golden Horse Archway is in the east against the mountain with the same name as the archway; the Green Rooster Archway is in the west against the Green Chicken Mountain. Within a short distance of each other, the two archways are in the traditional archway styles. Together with another Loyalty Archway on the other side, these three archways shape a triangle of archway clusters. With their distinctive characteristics they present a spectacular view in the midst of surrounding downtown modern buildings.

There is a rare scene here you won't probably find anywhere else. It is said there will be a day in the fall season at a particular time when the shadow of Green Chicken Archway from the sun and the shadow of the Golden Horse Archway from the moon will merge together. It is said the scene only happens once every 60 years, hence it was praised as one of Kunming's Eight Rare Sceneries.  

This area used to be center of old Kunming City, and it continues as the center even now. Actually, many of these buildings are newly renovated with new materials to represent Kunming’s old architectural styles.  Houses and stalls hundreds of years old are  duplicated so that you can be reminded of how this area was in the past. The place where the archways are located is a mixture of modern and old. The archways are accompanied by several other old buildings nearby within easy walking distance. There is the renovated Jingri Lou (or Close to the Sun Pavilion) and the ancient East and West Temple Pagodas. Right beside these old structures are numerous modern shopping malls and high-end Chinese and western restaurants.

It is also very near to some other interesting sites, like the Bird and Flower Market, the Yunnan Provincial Museum. It can be easily accessed by taking buses or taxi.



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