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Yunnan Weekend Trips

There is a saying in Chinese, “you learn by reading ten thousand volumes of books as well as by traveling ten thousand miles”.  We firmly believed that Yunnan is where you can learn Chinese with our well-qualified teachers in the classroom and by traveling to many different places which can make Chinese cultures and the Chinese language more of a reality.  Our weekend Trips in Yunnan will help you learn more about the culture by travel and by experiencing firsthand this amazing province. 

Yunnan has for a long time been regarded as one of most popular tourist destinations all over China.  Its diverse cultures of twenty-five distinctive ethnic minority people, its breathtaking landscapes and historical interest all over the province make Yunnan one of a kind in China for cultural experience and travel.  It is a great place for you to appreciate the beauty of China and inspire your study of Chinese.

It is a place full of history; there are ancient cities and towns like in Lijiang, Dali, Jianshui, and Heijing, all of which have a long history.  These are great places for you to deepen your understanding of Chinese culture and will be a great benefit to your Chinese language learning.

Fifty-two of China’s fifty-five ethnic minorities are found in Yunnan.  Twenty-five of them have a majority population in Yunnan, and fifteen groups are exclusive to Yunnan. Lijiang is where you can have a better understanding of the Naxi people and their unique culture; Xishuangbanna is where you can closely observe the Dai people and their traditions; Chuxiong helps you grasp the distinctive culture of the Yi people; in Shangri-la you experience almost the same authentic Tibetan culture as you would in Tibet. These are but a handful of many other places where you can learn about the diverse cultures of Yunnan.  The desire of learning more about these cultures can be a great inspiration for your Chinese language study. 

For the other very important aspect of culture, religions can give you a greater perspective on how cultures are shaped and developed.  Studying and traveling in Yunnan can be a great benefit for your understanding of this aspect.  Shangri-la has for long been regarded as one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Tibetan Buddhism.  Dali has long been impacted by Mahayana Buddhism in history and people’s lives are still influenced by it.  Yunnan is the only place in China where you can study how Theravada Buddhism is practiced.  For this, places like Xishuangbanna and Dehong are great places to visit.  Taoist temples and Confucianism buildings can be found everywhere around the province.
There are a great number of impressive natural wonders which will certainly make your oversea Chinese language study in Yunnan interesting and colorful---Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Mei Li Snow Mountain, the First Bend on the Yangtze River, the Tiger Leaping Gorge, the Terrace Field, and the Volcano Clusters, among many others.


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