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Suzhou is a bustling city of skyscrapers and factories. But as you study abroad with us, you will find out that beneath its modern, tough exterior, there is a lot of history and culture to marvel.  One of the major attractions of Suzhou is its constellation of elegant gardens, some of which are even hundreds of years old. These traditional, gorgeous gardens are a harmonious medley of rocks, buildings and water, reflecting a perfect sense of harmony and balance amongst all incongruities of life.

The gardens, lush with bamboo forests, are filled with pavilions and miniature waterfalls. Some of the rocks in these gardens are of uncanny workmanship. While some rocks look like lions, others strikingly resemble dragons.  As you learn Chinese language with us, you must make an effort to take a trip to the city of Suzhou , punctuated with innumerable bridges and small lakes, over one of your free weekends.

Suzhou is also famous for its silk, which has been sold to hundreds of countries worldwide. If you want to make the most of your China tour, while hanging out in Suzhou , do not forget to take a trip to the Kun Opera, considered to be the mother of all operas in China and Pintan, an ancient performing art of storytelling and ballad singing in quintessential Suzhou dialect. If you have a penchant for arty, ethnic items, then, get your hands on handicrafts such as embroidery, fans, traditional Chinese musical instruments, lanterns and jade carvings, which are sold in abundance in this charming, little town, which saw the birth of China ’s fascinating Wu culture.


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