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While most of China has undergone a dramatic economic transformation over the last few decades, Guizhou province, to Yunnan’s northeast, has been largely untouched by this industrial revolution. One consequence of this is that the province is also unknown to most tourists. Nevertheless, Guizhou’s beautiful pastoral landscapes and diverse people make it a fantastic place to explore. If you want to take the full advantage of your gap year and choose to study in China with us, do not miss out on this part of China, still unspoiled by large-scale tourism. So, get off the beaten path and add a new dimension to your study abroad experience by exploring Guizhou and catching a glimpse of untouched, ancient China.

Guizhou’s People

One of the best reasons for going to Guizhou is to experience the unique cultures of its people. Like Yunnan, Guizhou is populated by a large number of ethnic minorities. In total, they make up over 37% of the province’s people and are largely responsible for the province’s distinct flavor.

The Dong people are one of the most prominent of Guizhou ’s ethnic groups. They are perhaps most famous for their carpentry skills and a unique kind of covered bridge called a “Wind and Rain Bridge ” that can be seen in many areas of the province. Another ethnic group with a large presence in Guizhou is the Miao, who include a number of subgroups including the Hmong, who have presence all around China, Southeast Asia and even in the West. The Miao in Guizhou are perhaps most famous for the large hairy head-dresses worn by their women. Both the Dong and the Miao, who live in Guizhou host festivals throughout the year. These are considered as one of the foremost attractions of the province.

Guizhou’s Natural Beauty

In addition to diverse people and colourful festivals, Guizhou is also blessed with pristine natural beauty. One of the most famous sites in the province is Huangguoshu Waterfall, the largest waterfall in all of China. Huangguoshu’s stunning lush green backdrop and the caves surrounding it make it one of Guizhou’s most spectacular places to visit. Guizhou’s Maolan Karst Forest is one of the best examples of karst scenery in China and is the seat of innumerable mountains, waterfalls and scattered stone formations.

You can easily take a flight from Kunming to Guizhou, though train is predominantly the main means of transportation across the province. Four tracks (Guizhou-Hunan, Guizhou-Sichuan, Guizhou-Kunming, and Guizhou-Guangxi railways) radiate from the capital city Guiyang to the neighboring provinces. You can also take tourist trains to reach Huangguoshu (Yellow fruit tree) Waterfall between Guiyang and Liupanshui. However, the ethnic villages that are deep within the mountains of Guizhou are only accessible via rugged mountainous roads.



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