ďIf you have time for but one   province in China, Yunnan should
be it.
" - Lonely Planet  

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Why Volunteer In Yunnan?
While Yunnan is a very beautiful province with diverse people and cultures, its industrial development has lagged far behind the coastal region of China. In truth, it is this lack of industry that has helped preserve Yunnanís traditional cultures. However, a less desirable consequence of this is that many families of migrant workers in Kunming have limited economic opportunities. This has left many children in a position where they donít have access to the kind of education necessary to escape the poverty in which they are growing up.


Impact Abroad
Minds Abroadís sister organization, Impact Abroad, provides students with opportunities to
give back to the Kunming community they are living in while studying Mandarin with us. Impact Abroad partners with local organizations to provide international volunteers to help teach basic English skills to homeless children deaf and mute children, and children from severely economically disadvantaged families. International volunteers spending time volunteering will broaden these childrenís horizons and foster a curiosity in them about the world. Teaching them English will also help give them the skills they need to escape the poverty in which they are growing up. Volunteering will not only be a rewarding experience for the kids, but for you as well!

For more information on volunteering with Impact Abroad, please click here


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