If you have time for but one   province in China, Yunnan should
be it.
" - Lonely Planet  

Study Abroad In China
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Weekday Mandarin Classes, Weekend Trips to
5 Nearby Countries. 

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Terms and Conditions

Program Duration
We accept students intending to study with us for 2 weeks to a full semester or even a full academic year. While the maximum length of study is really upon you, the minimum length of study is 2 weeks. We ensure maximum flexibility for students of different backgrounds.  Enroll with us on any Monday around the year and study as long as your schedule permits.

Registration and Advance Deposit
A completed registration form has to be mailed to Minds Abroad along with a payment of 25% of your full program fee as a deposit. In both cases, the deposit is due at least before 2 weeks prior to the start date. You can either pay your tuition fees in full before the start of the program or pay at the beginning of each month. See Payment Schedule for more details. Payments can be paid with personal check , bank transfer to Minds Abroad.

Remember that housing and program availability are based on a first-come-first-serve basis, so it is best to complete registration early. The deposit is refundable only if we cannot make arrangements for you at the time you wish to attend.

If you cancel a program due to a personal emergency and you notify in writing to Minds Abroad we issue you a partial refund. See our Refund Policy to know more about this.

Late Penalty
Applications and full payments received less than two weeks prior to the start date will be subject to a $48 late fee.

Assistance Before and During the Trip
Once registered, we provide you a pre-departure list to help you pack sensibly. We provide you airport pick-ups and an in-country orientation on your arrival. We also give you a local info handbook for moving around in Kunming.

On-Site Charges
While participating in a program, you may be responsible for paying additional funds related to your own actions during the program. These may include charges for: lost keys, property damage, overstaying in your lodging etc.

Arrival & Departure
For all programs, you should plan to arrive on the day before classes begin and depart on the day after classes are completed. However, you can generally extend the your stay for a few days after classes for an additional fee.

Certain hazards like sudden illness, accidents either natural or otherwise while traveling or during the tenure of the program might occur. Minds Abroad and its employees will not be responsible for any such unfortunate developments and its consequence, either directly or indirectly.

We expect students to be polite and respectful. Any untoward behavior in the form of illegal drug use, abusive behavior, alcohol consumption by minors or political involvement will not be accepted. Minds Abroad reserves the right to cancel and/or terminate any student’s participation who fails to comply with these policies of the program provider or for any other reason judged necessary as per the sole discretion of Minds Abroad.

Academic Credits
Students accepting academic credit are expected to carry a duly filled and signed Credit Approval form from their respective university. Every school has a different policy on accepting credits a student earns while studying abroad and we do not guarantee that credits earned by you in Kunming will transfer. It is the responsibility of the individual student to clear such queries with his/her home university before arriving. See more on this topic on the Transfer Credit page


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