If you have time for but one   province in China, Yunnan should
be it.
" - Lonely Planet  

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More than just a Chinese school to learn Mandarin, Minds Abroad will always be available around the clock, whether it be by telephone, by email, or talking directly to one of our representatives right on the spot. Information about our Chinese language program is always ready for you. And even before departing on your adventure, you and your family can find the answers to questions in the detailed packet that has been prepared for you.

We will try to cover the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by participants of our study program about to study Chinese .

Larger cities of China are very safe, but you still have to use common sense and try not to walk alone at night. Tourist sites are a magnet for pickpockets.

Traffic patterns don’t favor pedestrians, so you have to be very much on your guard when crossing streets or riding a bicycle.

Ensuring personal health and safety is our number one concern and we have never had a problem with the health or safety of any of our students. We ensure students can reach a teacher 24 hours a day. We have safeguards in place to cover all possible scenarios as to the health and well-being of everyone in the program. China is generally a very safe country--urban crime rates are among the lowest in the world, much lower than in major US cities, and the health care systems in Beijing, Kunming, and Hong Kong are state-of-the-art and able to address any medical problems which might arise.
Who is Minds Abroad?

Minds Abroad is a Chinese language program in Kunming China. We offer high quality Chinese teaching to students who want study abroad in China from all over the world. To help you study Chinese more efficiently and effectively, we give you the best service for every aspect for your study in China. We provide you local travel information while you are studying in Kunming, one of China's most fascinating and popular tourism city.
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