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Minds Abroad’s Internship Program

Minds Abroad’s internship program offers participants a unique opportunity to combine academics, travel and work experience in China while earning university credit.  In addition to being given the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned in school, participants will also gain valuable experience and insight into the real world workings of business operations in China.  Through our contacts in Kunming, we can arrange internships at companies and organizations in a wide variety of sectors including, but not limited to: Finance, Education (primarily teaching English), NGOs, Media, Tourism, Pharmaceuticals and Medicine, Marketing and Distribution, and Architecture.


Minds Abroad has two options for our internship program.  The first option is to intern 20 hours and take a 4 hour seminar on Economy and Society in Contemporary China each week with social science faculty of our partner institution, Yunnan Nationalities University (YNU).  For each week of this program, one credit will be rewarded to you by YNU.  The second option is just the internship and awards one credit every two weeks. 
Students should check with their universities to make sure this program is approved.

If you are interested in getting placed in an internship by Minds Abroad, please give us one to two months notice so that we have time to make arrangements for you.  Please email us for more information about our internship program.

NOTE: While most of our internships (with the exception of teaching) will be unpaid, some will provide you with a stipend or other form of compensation.

Why Intern Abroad?

Interning abroad is an ideal way to improve your career prospects and get valuable work experience while simultaneously having the adventure of a lifetime.  It gives you the opportunity to learn about a new culture, develop independence and self-confidence as well as spend time reflecting on your personal and professional goals. Additionally, interning abroad is the type of experience that helps you develop the practical skills, maturity and flexibility that all potential employers are looking for. Interning abroad is the gateway to your future success.

Another great reason to intern abroad is that it is the kind of adventure you will never forget.  While working in a foreign country will undoubtedly present many challenges at first, the confidence you develop by overcoming these challenges will make the experience more meaningful and enjoyable. Additionally, living in a foreign country is a fantastic way to meet new kinds of people and explore exotic places that your friends back home can only dream of. Quite simply, interning abroad is an exciting adventure that has the added benefit of being great for both your personal and professional development.

Why Intern in China?

China is more than a kaleidoscope of lush landscapes, ancient religions, imperial dynastic grandeur and dizzy shopping heights. Immeasurably rich in natural beauty, history and cultural wealth, its present persona is that of the fastest-growing economy in the world with an average annual GDP growth rate of 10 percent over the past thirty years. An unparalleled growth in the private sector and huge state investments in infrastructure since the 1980s have given China the role that it now enjoys in the world trade scene. With its developing stature as a global economic power, it is no wonder that foreign companies and people are becoming increasingly interested in doing business in China.  The chance to see what business in China is like from the inside is something that can be an ideal foundation for your future career as it gives you the opportunity to develop the skills and cultural knowledge needed to do business in China. 

The chance to see what business in China is like from the inside is something that can be an ideal foundation for your future career. Internships compliment your classroom academic experience and present a fantastic means of gaining professional work experience in your chosen career field. Coming to gain hands on experience in Yunnan’s capital of Kunming is an ideal mix of cultural experience and professional development opportunity. While interning in Kunming, you will experience both these facets. Kunming is more the “authentic” China than Shanghai or Beijing which are metropolitan cities and not really similar to most of China. Kunming is a typical Chinese city with a unique tradition and a rapidly internationalizing face.

Yunnan is renowned for its diversity in land and people  –  it is home to 25 ethnic minorities in China and has easy access to nearby places like Sichuan, Guilin and Tibet as well as 5 neighboring Southeast Asian countries. Kunming enjoys temperate weather year round, winter days are in the 50-60’s F and summer days in the 70-80’s F, earning it a nick name of “Spring City”. It is also the cleanest and least polluted major city in China according to the UN's international climate monitors. Work experience in Kunming, a modern Chinese capital city will definitely improve your job prospects.

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