If you have time for but one   province in China, Yunnan should
be it.
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Study Abroad In China
Learn Mandarin, Study Abroad in China

Weekday Mandarin Classes, Weekend Trips to
5 Nearby Countries. 

Minds Abroad- Study abroad, Learn Mandarin in China Minds Abroad- Study abroad in China- Study Chinese- Chinese school

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We will purchase two types of insurance for each participant of our program:

  •  Accidental Death & Disability Insurance

  •  Accident Medical Reimbursement Insurance

The cost of these two types of insurance will be included in the application fee.

In addition to these two types of insurance, we strongly recommend that participants purchase

International Medical Insurance (Highly Recommended)

Minds Abroad (Known by its Chinese name of Kunming Xin Yu) does not provide this type of insurance, and the cost of this is not included in your application fee.

Accident Medical Reimbursement Insurance

The insurance company will pay an indemnity if there is an accidental death or disability. 

While the policy is in force, and the insured shall sustain injury, the Company will undertake the following liabilities:

1.       Payment for Accidental Death:

If the insured died within 180 days after the accident, the Company will pay an indemnity equal to the SA (Sum Assured) deducting the paid indemnity if there is any. The Contract shall then terminate.

2.       Payment for Accidental Disability:

If the insured sustains any disability listed in “Schedule of the Injury and the Indemnities” (‘Schedule’ hereinafter) within 180 days after the accident, the Company will pay indemnity according to the Schedule. When the aggregate disability indemnity is equal to 100% of the SA, the policy shall then terminate.

Accident Medical Reimbursement Insurance (Rider)

The company will give you accident medical reimbursement

If the insured gets injured due to any accident while the Rider is in force, the Company will undertake the following liability:

Accident medical reimbursement:

If insured has to take the necessary diagnosis or hospitalization within 180 days after the accident, the Company shall pay the necessary and reasonable medical and treatment expenses, which are actually paid. But the total payment for any one injury shall not exceed the maximum amount payable stated or endorsed in the policy.

International Medical Insurance (Highly Recommended)

We also strongly recommend that you hold a major medical insurance policy that will cover you overseas and provide emergency evacuation coverage.

The following are some useful links for international medical insurance:

Name of Insurance Company




CMI Insurance


Wallach & Company, Inc.


StudentInsurance( an agent of Highway to Health, Inc )


HTH Worldwide Insurance Services





http://www.internationalstudent.com/insurance/atlas_intl/index.shtml; http://www.internationalstudentinsurance.com/goabroad/index.html

Insurance Consultants International


MEDEX Insurance Services Inc.


The Gateway Plans


IEES( International Educational Exchange Services)


International SOS


Yunnan Videos







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