If you have time for but one   province in China, Yunnan should
be it.
" - Lonely Planet  

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How to Obtain a Visa for China

Peoples from all countries are required to get a visa to enter China. This is a simple process and Minds Abroad can give you advice on how to apply for it.

Students, volunteers and interns can apply for a tourist visa (a type L visa) if you are studying, volunteering or interning for short periods of time like 2 - 3 months. But for students studying long term, we will provide a letter of invitation so that you can get a student visa.

This is the basic procedure in obtaining a visa:

-     You have to visit the nearest Chinese Consulate or the Chinese Embassy in person to get a visa. If you live very near a Chinese consulate (located in New York, NY; Chicago, IL; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Houston, TX.), this process requires two trips one to drop off your passport and one to pick it up. This process can be time consuming and can take as long as two full days. (See more information below)

-         Click here to learn how to go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in person

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