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Does and Don'ts

Things to Do Before the Program: 

1. Pay a non-refundable 20% program fee deposit to secure your place in the program and to qualify for an early enrollment discount. The rest 80% of the amount must be received in full within 60 days of prior to the start date of the program.

2. Check for things to pack in our Pre departure list.

3. Confirm credit approval policy with your University if you are looking for academic credits. Look here to read more. 

4. Get medical advice for your ensuing trip if needed. Check out our advice here.

5. Check for ATM cards etc for your trip.

6. If you need to cancel, let us know as early as possible.  You will be subject to the standard cancellation/refund policy. Learn more here

7. You should also contact your insurance provider to check out the coverage for international trips. We strongly recommend students to have an insurance plan that covers your study abroad period in China.

Notes for School Groups:
1. We expect you to show consideration to people outside your group - fellow students in the school,volunteers, program staff, service staff in hotels, transport vans etc. Being respectful towards the local culture and people through your words, behavior and attire will earn you the friendship and warmth of everyone you will meet and know.   
2. For school groups headed by a group leader visiting local friends or relatives is subject to permission from your group leaders. In either case, if the visiting involves your leaving the program for some time, a permission letter from your parents or legal guardians is necessary. A copy of this letter should be signed both by your group leader and the program manager. Under no circumstances should any of your acquaintances stay back in your room for the night

Important Notes On Meals

1. You will enjoy fine quality meals through the tour, mixing familiar western style cuisine and unfamiliar local cuisines. We encourage you to keep an open mind and sample everything. Although we will try our best to special meal requirements like vegetarian or low salt meals we cannot guarantee it at all times.

2. On most days you will be served a Western style breakfast and a variety of Chinese style meals for lunch.

3. Students under 21 will be required to have their guardian’s letter of permission to sample beer or alcoholic drinks in meals. For school groups coming headed by a group leader sampling is also advised in the presence of the group leader.

4. All restaurants are carefully selected and continually monitored for hygienic and quality standards. However if you are unsatisfied with any particular experience do bring it to our notice.

Important Notes On Accommodations:

1. While staying in apartments, homestays and hotels participants are expected to maintain polite behavior with the hotel staff, members of the homestay families and others. We carefully select hotels and apartments and provide fair amount of training to homestay families to prepare them for accommodating you. 

2. Students must pay for phone calls, extra food and beverage items taken from the homestay families and the hotels outside the standard meals. Picking up souvenir items from any of these places is absolutely forbidden and participants will be expected to pay for any lost/stolen items. Do remember that any improper behavior may affect our ability to work with these establishments further which will directly hamper program operations.

3. For students and volunteers residing in our shared apartments you are permitted to have visitors in the day or evening but under no circumstances should any of your acquaintances stay back in your room for the night.  



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