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The Internship Program
is designed for high school students, college students and recent graduates who intend to gain valuable work experience in Asia and an insight into the real workings of business operations in China. Programs run throughout the year and the duration of the internship is decided in consultation with the intern’s schedule and the company’s requirement.


Internship Highlights

·         Internships for half a day or full day on weekdays

·         Internships in a wide variety of industries and sectors

·         A competitive edge over your peers on college and job applications

·         Placements are available around the year

·         The option to combine Mandarin classes with internships

·         Enroll in cultural trips to know the country and its society better

·         Intern in a much more “typical” Chinese city like Kunming where you can better understand China’s vast mass market than cities like Beijing and Shanghai which are much more developed than the rest of China and thus not representative of the Chinese mass market.


We have multiple placements in the following fields (if you would like a placement in another field, please email us for more information):

·         Hospitality sector (Hotels)

·         Education (Working not only as a teacher but also in the administrative offices of a school)

·         International trade (Import-export companies)

·         Museums (Working as bilingual guide)

·         Tourism/travel agencies (Developing marketing materials for foreign markets)

·         Community development organizations

·         Environmental protection organizations


Additional options during your internship:

1.     Optional Morning Mandarin Classes

Participants who opt for half a day internships can also opt to enroll in our Weekly Morning Class Program (see previous section for more details). The purpose of these classes is to help give students the Chinese language skills they need to more fully enjoy and experience their time in China and to help students prepare a future career in China. Classes cater to beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Depending on their language level, which we test through a pre-placement assessment, students are taught vocabulary, Chinese characters, sentence patterns and grammar. To ensure maximum student-teacher interaction we have small class sizes, normally two to four students but with a maximum of severn students.  All classes are taught by university faculty and transferable university credit may be available, depending upon the policies of the student’s home institution. 


2.     Weekend Cultural Tours

Participants are free to enroll in weekend cultural trips and travel into cities of historic and cultural interest around Yunnan as well as Beijing and Shanghai. Destinations include sites that regular travelers visit but more into the country’s interior into UNESCO world heritage sites and into nondescript locations only known to locals where the indigenous cultures of the countries’ interiors offer a more distinctive and meaningful travel experience. For more information on our upcoming trips please visit the “Excursions” page in our website or email us for specific upcoming dates.


Why Intern with Minds Abroad

At Minds Abroad, we try understanding the academic background and career goals of interns to place them in a field of their choice. Identifying respective needs and expectations guide us in matching student profiles with the types of placements that are available. Interns have the flexibility to choose half a day or fulltime internships depending on their schedule and we offer placements in a wide range of industries. They can also enroll in morning Mandarin classes on weekdays if they are interested.


On arrival we give interns a detailed in-country orientation preparing them in advance for adjusting to the local cultural norms and work etiquette. We place interns in corporate private organizations, non-profits as well as in government departments.


Why Intern in Kunming, Yunnan?

For an overall understanding of contemporary China and its gradual transformation into a major global economic force, students should not only limit their visits to its fast-paced metropolises, like Beijing or Shanghai. While these cities are undoubtedly business and economic centers in China, they are not representative of the country as a whole and are not the best places to learn about the vast Chinese mass consumer market. To understand China as a whole, students should also visit China's interior, its heartland in Central and Western China, where most Chinese people live but where relatively fewer foreigners visit.


For this reason our internships are based in the central Chinese city of Kunming in China’s interior heartland.  Kunming is the cosmopolitan capital of Yunnan Province and is one of the largest cities in China, with a population of over three million. Just as if international students visiting the US would need to see more than only the gleaming skyscrapers of downtown Chicago or Manhattan to fully understand the United States, the same can be said of China. To understand China as a whole, a student must go beyond the modern and highly developed cities of Beijing and Shanghai and visit more ‘typical’ cities in China's vast interior heartland, such as Kunming.


Kunming lies at the geographic center of Yunnan, China's most ethnically diverse province and Lonely Planet's top choice in China. As Lonely Planet contends, “If you have time for but one province in China, Yunnan should be it.”


Discounted Fall/Winter/Spring Price (August 15 through May 14):

·         $499 for a one-time fee for the internship placement

·         $99/week for accommodations in a private bedroom and three meals a day during weekdays

·         Optional class: $299/week for morning class

·         $45 for optional airport pick up


Regular Summer Price (May 15 through August 14):

·         $999 for a one-time fee for the internship placement.

·         $149/week for accommodations in a bedroom shared with one other student and three meals a day during weekdays

·         $349/week for optional morning class

·         $45 for optional airport pick up




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